About Us

Started by the Nowak family, polish immigrants, in 1918 as a soup kitchen/restaurant to serve the working polish neighborhood, where they also lived. Rumored to have been a speakeasy during prohibition. It was run by various members of the family, mainly Louise "Granny" Nowak, who ran it up until she passed at 90 years old. Her son Louie and Ted continued to run it until 2007 when it was purchased by long time patron and lover of Louie's, Mike VandeMaele.

Today, Louie's is the oldest bar in Kalamazoo. The bar acts as an escape from the the busy city. When patrons walk in, the first thing they notice is the taxidermy lined walls. It features a cabin on the lake feel. Louie's has drink specials every night of the week, a free comedy show every Tuesday, open mic night every Wednesday, and live entertainment in the Back Room every Friday and Saturday.

Louie's is a a home away from home for our regulars, and for every new customer that walks in, they walk out feeling like they just spent an evening with old friends. We're celebrating 97 years of serving Kalamazoo, and we hope to continue for 97 more.

Daily Specials

  • Monday
    "service industry day"
    • $3 - Michigan Beer Bottles
    • Hospitality Monday (35% off for Hospitality Industry)
  • Tuesday
    "$2 tuesdays"
    • $2.50 - Wells & Domestics
    • $5 - Taco Baskets! 3 Tacos, Chips, & Salsa
  • Wednesday
    "wine & whisky wednesday"
    • $3 - Jim and Jack
    • $3 - Glasses of Wine
  • Thursday
    • $3.50 - Tall Boy Cans
    • $2 - Schlitz, Highlife, Budweiser
  • Friday
    • $5 - Grey Goose, Wild Turkey
  • Saturday
    • $1 off Michigan Beers
    • until 5pm $3 - Bloody Marys
  • Sunday
    "1/2 off day"
    • $2 - Wells & Domestics Drafts
    • until 5pm $3 - Bloody Marys